Online Sportsbook Review

Online Sportsbook Review

Welcome to, your source for the best online sportsbook reviews. We’ve applied a scientific method of review to all major sportsbooks to bring you the best online sportsbook review site on the web.

Our huge team of industry experts, researchers and former gaming employees knows the online betting industry inside and out. Instead of using reputation and heresay, we’ve submitted each sportsbook to a rigourous testing standard including examining their online sportsbook bonuses, level of customer service, online sportsbook odds and more.

On these pages you’ll find all the information you need to choose the perfect online sportsbook!

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Sports Book Reviews

OnlineSportsBook Review is pleased to bring you our Top 5 Sportsbooks, and what a list it is. We’ve spent hundreds of hours reviewing each site but only the five below consistently went above and beyond in all aspects of the online sports betting experience.

The competition for our Top 5 was fierce, however the sites below distanced themselves in their reliability and service. With hundreds of sites out there, it can often be a worriesome experience to take the leap of opening up your wallet and making a deposit. Rest assured that our Top 5 will treat your account information with safety and security, and treat you the right way once you’ve gone ahead and funded your account.

Each sportsbook has its strengths and weaknesses, but we’ve made sure there’s a base level for all factors. Each of the sportsbooks below will treat you with respect, protect your account information and give you the highest-level of sports betting enjoyment.

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Sports Interaction Sportsbook Review

SportsInteraction – An overwhelming favorite amongst new players and true sports fans, offers you a 100% bonus, up to $125 free, to try out their easy to use website and lightning-fast Live Betting software.

  • A helpful and easy “No Frills” approach to sports betting
  • Bonuses available on each and every deposit
  • Betting tips and trends let you see where the public’s putting its money
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Bodog Online Sportsbook Review

Bodog – The leader in online gaming for nearly 15 years, has overcome its rock star past to remain the top-choice amongst online betting enthusiasts. Experience their fast and courteous service when you sign up today and get a 10% initial deposit bonus, up to $50 free.

  • Fast, Reliable and Trustworthy service for over 15 years
  • Free Payouts
  • Quick and Easy signup process
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betED Online Sportsbook Review

betED – One of the fastest growing online sportsbooks, betED .com has recently changed its site look and implemented the much-envied InPlay Live Wagering system. With a commitment to the player experience and doing things the right way, invites you to join today and get a 15% bonus – up to $250 free on your first deposit.

  • Flash-based Sportsbook software is fast and error-free
  • 24/7 Customer Service and terrific VIP treatment
  • Bonuses on every deposit
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Bookmaker Sportsbook Review

Bookmaker – The sportsbook where the line originates, is well known for its blend of new achievements with a return to the sports-betting of old. Get a 15% initial deposit bonus, up to $500 free, and experience their highly-ranked sportsbook, Racebook, Poker room and casino online or on your favorite mobile device.

  • The first Sportsbook to post odds on most events
  • Earn rewards for Free Payouts and even free air travel
  • Double your reload bonus on Tuesdays
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Online Sportsbook Ratings

We’ve put the major sportsbooks to task by judging them against our rigorous criteria including some of the most important factors for new online sportsbook gamers: Bonuses offered, game/event Odds listed and the quality of their Live Betting program.

  • Online Sportsbook Bonuses

    Online Sportsbook Bonuses

    In Vegas there are perks aplenty for sports players: free drinks, free food and more. Well, in the online sports betting world it’s pretty tough to give you a free drink. Most sites distinguish themselves by offering bonuses on a member’s first deposit, while the best ones offer bonuses on every deposit. Above you will find the best online sportsbook bonuses available!

    Ranging from 5% to a whopping 100% free, online sportsbook bonuses can help you pad your bankroll before even placing a single bet.

  • Online Sportsbook Odds

    Online Sportsbook Odds

    When it comes to the meat and potatoes of sports betting, the odds themselves can make all the difference in choosing an online sportsbook. In the land of sportsbook odds there are followers and there are leaders. Those sites who publish their own lines on their own schedule are “leaders”, but they’re few and far between.

    Leaders take a huge risk by going against the grain, which gives players a big advantage come bet time. For members who like to see where the action’s going and how the line changes, this can be a huge factor. Followers (or Squares) publish their lines when they are already published, so by and large they’ll be fairly similar. Smart bettors however will jump on follower lines as they’re more resistant to change than the Leaders.

  • Live Betting Sportsbooks

    Live Betting Sportsbooks

    The latest and greatest development in the online sports betting industry is the rise of Live Betting, where bettors can place bets on an event as it takes place. Not every sportsbook offers this option, but to be considered one of the best nowadays, it’s a must. Every online sportsbook review we write features a close look at the live betting features of the book in question.

    Live betting options include the ability to bet on Quarters, Halves, Player Props and adjusted lines. Sportsbooks often have the best live coverage so make sure you do too to make the most out of your Live Betting options.